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A Journal of Medical Humanities

Tag: geriatrician

  • Understanding and combatting ageism in healthcare

    Dane Wanniarachige Dublin, Ireland   “Their last hand to hold” by Emily Nguyen. February 22, 2019. As I waited for the tram on a windy day in Dublin, I noticed an older man wearing a flat cap shuffling unhurriedly towards the busy platform with a noticeable parkinsonian gait. The tram slowed to a halt and…

  • The two hemispheres of medicine

    Jeffrey LevineNew York, New York, United States I stared at the blank surface of my drawing pad, confused and frozen in fear. It was slightly larger than a sheet of typing paper but looked like it spread from horizon to horizon. The naked model sat leisurely, unashamed, her eyes fixed on a distant, imaginary cloud…