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Torsten Almén 1931-2016. Inventor of non-ionized contrast media.

Frank Wollheim  Lund, Sweden   Fig 1. Torsten Almén at work with his oboe. There were no signs of genius to impress us in any of the medical students at Lund in the fall of 1950, and certainly not in Torsten Almen. He seemed rather ordinary, somewhat shy and stuttering; and it was a well […]

Dr. Wedekind’s son: a Frank story

Frank Wollheim Sweden   Map of the German Confederation in 1860 What is in a name, and how does it come to us? This vignette shares the story of the son of a German gynecologist and how his impact influenced two medical students in 1918 Munich, eventually leading to the name of my mother’s first […]