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Queer and unked: Disability, monstrosity, and George Eliot’s “Sympathy”

Christina Lee Kent, United Kingdom   Silas finds Eppie. Eliot, George. The Jenson Society, NY. In The Mill on the Floss, the intellectual and sensitive Philip Wakem, who has a curved spine from a fall in infancy, is called “a queer fellow, a humpback, and the son of a rogue.”1(II.vi) In the manuscript Philip Wakem is branded […]

Four short literary incisions (Or how I began to write things that did not let me sleep)

Catalina Florescu Staten Island, New York, United States   In memoriam, to mom and dad [Episode One: On Life and Even More Life] Carla hasn’t said a word since last Friday when her younger sister, Elvira, stopped talking. Elvira has been lying in bed, eyes almost shut all the time. If Elvira is in pain, […]