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  • Frank Parsons—A hemodialysis pioneer

    Eric WillUnited Kingdom “Disillusion can become itself an illusion if we rest in it.”— TS Eliot Frank Maudsley Parsons (1915–1989) was an English pioneer of hemodialysis in the mid-1950s. His contribution is well known to nephrologists, but came at a personal cost in recognition that he expressed in his published journal affiliations. Context Leeds General…

  • The incidental reach of pattern in Medicine and Art

    Eric WillUnited Kingdom “Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp,Or what’s a(n artist’s) Heaven for? . . .”— After Robert Browning’s “Andrea del Sarto,” 1855 1,2 (author’s italics) The bedside is a comfortable thinking space for clinicians. On occasion, just there, they bring to mind the clinical patterns that point to a differential…