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An evolving journey: Writing as healing art

Amy Webb Pawleys Island, South Carolina, United States   Photography by Elena Levitskaya, RN It started simply enough. Soon after my diagnosis, a friend and fellow breast cancer survivor counseled me about protecting a space for healing. We discussed the need to create that delicate balance of keeping a network of friends and family informed […]

The myth of the white coat

Lauren B. Smith Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States   Photography by Elena Levitskaya, RN Nana, my grandmother, sat expectantly at the edge of the examining table. Our family huddled near her in the forced intimacy of the clinic room, and I was warm in my white coat. As a pathologist, I rarely wore it since […]

Bold Flavor – Full Pockets

Jan  A. Jahner Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA Poet’s statement: Fairly new to New Mexico, I am excited by the cultural and spiritual diversity that thrives under the high desert sun, and the stories that want to be told. The intimacy of an encounter in the unguarded moments of serious illness and dying is a […]