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Tag: Dileep Jhaveri

  • Timelessness of the intangible

    Bill Wolak New Jersey, United States   Dileep Jhaveri, 2011 Born in 1943, Dileep Jhaveri is one of the most dynamic and articulate poets writing in India today. Like the Czech poet Miroslav Holub, his poetry mixes the objectivity of a scientist with an indefatigable lyricism. For Jhaveri, poetry is a theatre of ideas, emotions,…

  • “Once this Mist Clears” and other poems

    Dileep Jhaveri Mumbai, India   Poet’s statement: As a poet, however one may await inspiration as a chosen one, writing poetry is a matter of conscious decision. The work of the poet requires a close acquaintance with the literature of the world and other forms of art. Just as the healing touch of the physician…