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  • A life cut short

    Joshua BaruBenjamin MbaChicago, Illinois, USA The Schwartz Center Rounds program provides a forum for an interdisciplinary and interdepartmental case-based discussion of the emotional and interpersonal underpinnings of healthcare providers. The following is a description of a recent Schwartz Center Rounds session at Cook County Hospital. The case. A 23-year-old Indian man was driving with his…

  • A dying patient’s perspective on truth-telling

    Shimon M. Glick Beer Sheva, Israel   Mr. H, a 60-year-old farmer with liver metastases from a gastric carcinoma, had been in the hospital for quite some time. Jaundiced from his condition, he turned to one of the residents on rounds and said, “Several days ago, I asked you how much time I have to…