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  • The three contraries of Benjamin Franklin: “the gout, the stone and not yet master of all my passions”

    James L. Franklin Chicago, Illinois, United States   Fig 1: Portrait of Benjamin Franklin. From a carbonic alloy engraving, drawn by C. N. Cochin 1777, engraved by A.H. Richie. Public Domain. Via Wikimedia  On May 23, 1785, Benjamin Franklin wrote from Passy on the outskirts of Paris to George Whatley that “at Fourscore the three…

  • Dr. Currier McEwen

    Maria Kinsella  St. Louis, Minnesota, United States   Iris, Modern Maturity Magazine, From the article “Love in Blooms,” by Eliot Tozer. Volume 32 Number 5. October-November 1989 Dr. Currier McEwen forgot about growing old. No invasion of senior moments were permitted to cross his mind. He was committed to his own intuitiveness and enjoyed the ride…