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  • Casanova: Patient Zero and other insights into sexual health in the 1700s

    Beth Jarosz Washington, DC, United States   Portrait of Giacomo Casanova, 18th century Moscow State Historical Museum, Russia Giacomo Casanova, the infamous rake, is responsible for providing historians and anthropologists with a veritable treasure trove of historical health information. His life spanned from 1725 to 1798, and his memoir, Histoire de Ma Vie, recounts nearly…

  • Historical contraception: birth control before “the pill”

    Emily R. W. DavidsonChapel Hill, United States Since the advent of the birth control pill, birth control advocates claim that women’s control over their reproductive potential increased the proportion of women in the US workforce over the course of the 20th century (Fig 1). Long before the oral contraceptive pill’s emergence, however, women found ways…