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Living well before we die

Caroline Wellbery Washington DC, United States   Imagine having a passion for dying. Imagine 1,500 doctors and nurses at their annual meeting, gathering to support each other in that passion. These men and women are America’s hospice workers, and their conference is sponsored by the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine (AAHPM). In the […]


Caroline Wellbery Washington DC, United States   Photography by Kit I have always been an observer, something that comes so naturally to me that when I notice the absence of this skill in others, I am sometimes taken aback. “How could you not see that?” I ask, not always endearingly. To the credit of those […]

A painful but tender embrace: Robert Pope’s Aesculapius

Caroline Wellbery Washington, DC, United States     Aesculapius Robert Pope (1956-1992) Charcoal on paper, 184 x 80.7 cm, 1991 Robert Pope, early in childhood a student gifted in science, chose art as his career, and no one better melds the observing eye with the understanding heart. The shadow of cancer hung over him during […]