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  • On the death of a hospital volunteer

    Bonnie Salomon Lake Forest, Illinois, United States   Golf course greens were not for you—too quiet.  No cruise ships to sail—too boring.  Retirement held no enchantment for you.  Mask and pills alongside a coffee. Photo by Fawaz.tairou. Via Wikimedia. CC BY-SA 4.0. Instead, you chose us—  —the motley ER crew—hardly noticed,   gliding through white coats…

  • Emily Dickinson and medical ethics: The “Belle of Amherst” as ethicist

    Bonnie SalomonIllinois, United States It is a conceit of many a reader to interpret poetry as it affects their daily life. It certainly is a fancy of this reader, pouring over Emily Dickinson’s poems as a literary respite. While teaching a medical ethics course at a local college this past autumn, I stumbled onto several…