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Tag: Baron Guillaume Dupuytren

  • Rodin’s Large Left Hand 1903

    Seth JudsonSanta Barbara, California, United States Walking down Madison Avenue in 1947, B. Gerald Cantor saw in a window a bronze sculpture of Rodin’s The Hand of God. This would be his first Rodin purchase, igniting the curiosity and passion that would eventually cause Cantor to endow Stanford University with the second largest Rodin collection…

  • Christmas with Dupuytren and Lisfranc

    Anne JacobsonOak Park, Illinois, United States It is Christmas afternoon and I am nestled under a decades-old afghan on my parents’ couch, watching snow drift and swirl across oak-studded fields beneath a pewter sky. My left foot is wrapped and strapped in a comically oversized boot, and the companion crutches at my side reflect the steady…