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Tag: Baron Guillaume Dupuytren

  • Rodin’s Large Left Hand 1903

    Seth Judson Santa Barbara, California, United States   Large Left Hand 1903 Auguste Rodin Iris & B. Gerald Cantor Center for Visual Arts at Stanford University Photography by Seth Judson Walking down Madison Avenue in 1947, B. Gerald Cantor saw in a window a bronze sculpture of Rodin’s The Hand of God. This would be…

  • Christmas with Dupuytren and Lisfranc

    Anne Jacobson Oak Park, Illinois, United States   It is Christmas afternoon and I am nestled under a decades-old afghan on my parents’ couch, watching snow drift and swirl across oak-studded fields beneath a pewter sky.  My left foot is wrapped and strapped in a comically oversized boot, and the companion crutches at my side…