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Tag: Avicenna’s Canon of Medicine

  • Episteme and translation in an annotated copy of the Canon of Medicine by Ibn Sīnā (Avicenna)

    Sang Ik Song Adam S. Komorowski Limerick, Ireland   Processes of Translation in European Medieval Medical Episteme Avicenna’s Canon of Medicine, pg 275: Hooper has underlined “nentaphyllon” and re-written the mis-transcription on the margin in Arabic. The episteme and movement of knowledge of medieval medicine in Europe is a syncretic, multifarious complexity that is often…

  • Schola Medica Salernitana and medieval medical philosophy

    James MarcumWaco, Texas, United States The naissance of Schola Medica Salernitana, or the medical school at Salerno, on the Italian southwest coast is shrouded in myth and controversy. According to one tradition, the school’s beginning dates to Parmenides, a pre-Socratic philosopher who, in 540 BC, founded a medical school in the Greek colony of Elea…