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Erik Waller the book collector

Anna Lantz Stockholm, Sweden   Figure 1. Erik Waller in his home. No date, unknown photographer. Uppsala University Library, Waller MS Waller 0004. Erik Waller (1875–1955) was a Swedish surgeon and book collector who spent most of his professional life in Lidköping, a small town in the southwest of Sweden. He received his medical education […]

Hagströmer Medico-Historical Library

Anna Lantz Sweden   Hagströmer Medico-Historical Library September 28, 2011 Anders Johan Hagströmer (1753–1830) was one of Sweden’s leading anatomists and a student of Linnaeus. A cofounder of both the Swedish Society of Medicine and of the Karolinska Institute,1 he was also a collector of medical and scientific books, which he donated to the library […]

The basilisk—a cause of sudden death

Anna Lantz Einar Perman Stockholm, Sweden   Mythical creatures have been described and feared since ancient times. The group is large. It includes dragons, sirens, basilisks, centaurs, phoenixes, sea monsters, and several more. These mythical creatures may have been invented to provide explanations for events for which there were no natural explanations, such as when […]

Saint Apollonia, patron saint of odontology

Anna Lantz Stockholm, Sweden   Image of Saint Apollonia within the initial “V” of the prayer Virgo Apollonia. Parchment breviary, Flanders, c. 1400. Photo by Anna Lantz. Six miniatures from the back side, none of which depicts Saint Apollonia. Parchment breviary, Flanders, c. 1400. Photo by Anna Lantz. Saint Apollonia was from a Greek family […]

Giulio Casserio’s anatomical atlas

Anna Lantz Stockholm, Sweden   Giulio Casserio (c. 1552–1616) was an Italian anatomist active in Padua around the year 1600. He published several anatomical works, the finest being the Tabulae anatomicae LXXIIXX. This remained unknown until the German doctor Daniel Rindfleisch (aka Bucretius) had it printed posthumously in 1627 along with his own annotations. The […]

Andreas Vesalius: an anatomical pop-up

Anna Lantz Stockholm, Sweden   Male figure The sheet is cut down lacking the descriptive text surrounding the figure Hagströmer Library, Karolinska Institutet Male figure (detail) Hand-coloured woodcut with three moveable flaps Hagströmer Library, Karolinska Institutet   At the end of the 1530s, loose-leaf anatomical pop-ups began to appear in Germany. The idea quickly caught […]

Mondino de’ Liuzzi

Anna Lantz Stockholm, Sweden Fascicolo di medicina. 1493. Hagströmer Medico-Historical Library, Karolinska Institutet.   Mondino de’ Liuzzi (c. 1270–1326), or Mondino, was a professor of practical medicine at the University of Bologna, where he introduced human anatomy and dissection, a subject that had not been taught in Europe since antiquity. During the dissections, Mondino would read […]