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  • Gilgamesh and medicine’s quest to conquer death

    Anika Khan Karachi, Pakistan   The warrior king Gilgamesh grasping a lion in his left hand, and a snake in his right. (Assyrian palace relief on display in the Louvre) “O Uta-napishti, what should I do and where should I go? A thief has taken hold of my [flesh!] For there in my bed-chamber Death…

  • Locked-in syndrome: Inside the cocoon

    Anika Khan Karachi, Pakistan “…what will you carry back from this field trip into my endless solitude?” From The Diving Bell and the Butterfly by Jean-Dominique Bauby (1997) Jean-Dominique Bauby “dictating” the passages of The Diving Bell and the Butterfly that he had earlier revised in his head. Photograph by Jeanloup Sieff. In December 1995,…