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Tag: American Heart Association

  • Paul Dudley White

    Philip R. LiebsonChicago, Illinois, United States In September 1955 President Dwight Eisenhower suffered a myocardial infarction. Dr. Paul Dudley White (1886–1973) was called in to attend to him. For a time, Dr. White was probably the most famous cardiologist in the US because of his attendance to the president. A noted photograph of him at…

  • Lewis Atterbury Conner: Cofounder of the American Heart Association

    Philip R. LiebsonChicago, Illinois, United States Dr. Lewis Atterbury Conner (1867–1950) was the chief of the New York Hospital medical service. He made rounds with the medical staff even on Sundays, when he would come from church wearing a morning coat, wing collar, and striped trousers. Unfortunately, he was very hard of hearing, yet this…