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J Rush Pierce Lakewood, CO, United States   Chasm Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, USA. Photo taken by the author 27 August 2016. It must have started some time before, but I was unaware of it on that pleasant September day, hiking in the rocky foothills of northern New Mexico with my daughter. Arriving […]

Fish story

Tim Chapman  Chicago, Illinois, United States   You can get to know a person pretty well when you’re helping them wipe their ass. My name is Ernie Fischetti. I was named after “Mr. Cub,” Ernie Banks. I used to hate the Cubs. In fact, until this year, I hated baseball altogether. I hated hearing guys […]

A fine notion

Ruth Z. Deming Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, USA Think of the worst disease imaginable. That’s what I’ve got. ALS, Lou Gehrig’s. One of 30,000 Americans. Me, a chaired professor of law at Temple University. Maple Oaks has a good reputation. I signed the reams of papers to get in. But, damn, it takes a long time […]

Sitting here

Shalamar Sibley Minnesota, Minneapolis,  USA   Poet’s statement: This poem was written after a day in the clinic. I will let it speak for itself, except to note that the opening quote is from a poem written by a mentor I had at the Breadloaf Writers’ Conference who has passed on. The poem becomes a […]