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Tag: ageism

  • Understanding and combatting ageism in healthcare

    Dane WanniarachigeDublin, Ireland As I waited for the tram on a windy day in Dublin, I noticed an older man wearing a flat cap shuffling unhurriedly towards the busy platform with a noticeable parkinsonian gait. The tram slowed to a halt and as soon as the doors opened, a gust of wind blew the gentleman’s…

  • Age needs a graying goddess of prophecy and her name shall be Senexa

    Margaret Morganroth GulletteWaltham, MA, USA Age needs a tutelary deity, a woke goddess for the Age of Alzheimer’s and the Age of Longevity. We all deserve a powerful, honored, and glorious crone, representing our values and our value. Here, transparently, before your open eyes, I venture to create a symbol. The Goddess of Age looks much like…