Doctors, Patients, and Diseases: A-J

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Moustapha Abousamra

Physician, heal thyself new

Saleh Aldasouqi

When the doctor is the patient

Heather Lynn Alva

Defined spaces

Henry Bair

Gifts of gratitude new

Anjan Banerjee

Uncertainty and clinical truths

Lara Bazelon

The middle finger: identity crisis in the emergency room

Susan M. Beck


Daniel Becker


Jeanne Bereiter


Chris Bird


Rae Brown

I don’t know how it happened

Farrah Bui

Healing through laughter

Gail Burke

Medicine and trust, behind bars new 

Christopher H. Cameron

Winter race against time

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

Lesley Campbell

Women changing medicine

Havi Carel

Breathless: philosophical lessons from respiratory illness

Elizabeth Cerceo

Notre Dame and gratitude new
Burnout: Are we looking at it through the wrong lens? new

George W. Christopher

Yes, I’m positive

Eric P. Cohen

Research subject

Erin Crouch and Katelyn McDonald

Red right hand: ectrodactyly as a metaphor

Michael Daley

Case of the authentic chest pain thought too good to be true

Rose A. Devasia

A silent birth

HP Dietz

The law of diminishing returns: biomedical research in trouble

Martin Duke

A fortunate man

John Brewer Eberly, Jr. 

Fighting the long defeat

“Let the people see what I’ve seen”: beauty, suffering, and learning to see new

Obinna Ejide 

Health care in Nigeria new 

Liam Farrell

One thing we can’t live without

Katrina Genuis

Death and new-doctor eyes

Ladan Golestaneh

Mrs. M’s refusal

Pavane L. Gorrepati

What’s hormones got to do with it? The medicalization of menopause in postwar America new

John Graham-Pole

Poppy power

Kate Hawkes

Personal magic – creativity and Shamanic ways for wellbeing

Richard P. Holm

A good bedside manner

Prasad Iyer

The oncologist’s mask new

David Jeffrey

Montaigne’s essays: emotions and empathy new

Lawrence H. Jones

What’s old is new again: quackery in the age of the Internet

Hannah Joyner

New life