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Ether dome

The first operation using ether as anesthesia took place in 1846. This daguerreotype is not of that operation, but rather is a recreation of the event. The patient is unknown, but the surgeons include John Mason Warren, John Collins Warren, George Hayward, and Solomon D. Townsend.

Following the first use of ether, the operating theater where the original surgery took place became known as the Ether Dome. It is now a small museum of surgical history. It is possible that the event was recreated as part of a school project, or possibly just for fun.

Operating room of the Massachusetts General Hospital
Operating room of the Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston. c1907. Photo, copyrighted, of daguerreotype by Southworth & Hawes, ca. 1850.
Credit: Library of Congress.

Highlighted Vignette Volume 12, Issue 4 – Fall 2020

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