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Vesna Jovanovic Chicago, Illinois, United States (Winter 2010)   Artist’s statement I began working on the Pareidolia series in 2002 as part of my interest in exploring the relationship between chance and order. After randomly spilling some ink on paper, I looked at the shapes and saw objects that I associate with science: test tubes, […]

Pareidolia Santa Fe

Vesna Jovanovic Chicago, Illinois, United States (Summer 2012) Pareidolia is the psychological phenomenon of seeing a recognizable image in something otherwise random, like clouds or wood grain.In the summer of 2011, I spent two months as an artist in residence at the Santa Fe Art Institute, which is located in the high desert of New […]

Artful science

Julie Schnidman & Annie Yeh Hektoen International, Chicago, Illinois, United States (Winter 2011) Science and art play integral roles in shaping the content of Hektoen International. Therefore, we wanted to highlight the work of three artist/scientists from the Chicago area and explore the influences behind their eclectic career paths. We met Hunter Cole, Peter Gray, […]