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Summer Essay Contest

We invite you to participate in the Hektoen International Summer Essay Contest on the theme of Food and the Body. Please submit essays about food and drink as related to health and the body, using the lens of the humanities. Suggested topics may include, but are not limited to: the history of food, famine, or drought […]

Immigrating to the in-between

Maia Evrona Massachusetts, United States (Winter 2018)    Photo courtesy of Maia Evrona “But you have an accent. Where are you from originally?” I have learned to expect this question whenever I make a new acquaintance, whether the meeting occurs outside of the United States or in my home state of Massachusetts. There are few experiences […]

An emperor unclothed: the virtuous Osler

Patrick Fiddes and Paul A. Komesaroff Melbourne, Australia (Winter 2018)   William Osler at Oxford. Apart from Hippocrates himself, William Osler was among the most praised physicians of all time. Like his Greek forerunner, Osler amassed a huge following of loyal supporters, for whom he could evidently do no wrong. One went so far as […]

Surrealist art and the resolution of absurd

Simon Wein Petach Tikvah, Israel (Winter 2018)   Epigram “There must be a clear preoccupation with death – intimations of mortality… Tragic art, romantic art, etc., deals with the knowledge of death.” Mark Rothko, 1958, The Pratt Institute, on the function of art   The Problem Fear of death permeates medical practice despite our best […]

2014-2012 Poetry

Poetry Archives 2017-2015 | 2014-2012 | 2011-2009   Anonymous Medical limericks, Winter 2013 Glen P. Aylward The Therapist, Winter 2012 James O. Ballard December Fall, Spring 2012 Linda A. Mason Barber The Chair, Summer 2012 Catherine Belling At 38 Weeks, Wondering, Fall 2012 Eleonore Blaurock-Busch Memory – Grandpa Louis, Spring 2012 Jeanne Bryner Apple Tree – […]

Past Grand Prix winners

2018 Winners To be announced in early 2018   2017 Winners Volume 9, Issue 3 Grand Prix: Locked-in syndrome: inside the cocoon Anika Khan Silver Prize: The King’s-Evil… Adam S. Komorowski & Sang Ik Song   2016 Winners Volume 8, Issue 3 Grand Prix: Outwitting ‘Typhoid Mary’ Lisa Mullenneaux Silver Prize: “Dust Off” and the Power of… Robert B. Robeson […]

Grand Prix Submission Guidelines

The seventh Hektoen International Grand Prix Essay Competition is anticipated to be announced in Fall 2018. To enter our Summer Essay Contest, click here. For a list of past winners, click here.   Contest rules and guidelines Submission of an article implies consent to publish in Hektoen International. If accepted for publication, an article may be published […]

Unlocking the secrets of a bohemian painting

Bernard Brabin Liverpool, England (Summer 2017)   The Deštná painting Oil on wood.  With permission (Photograph © National Gallery in Prague 2017, with permission) The image By an unknown artist, the Deštná painting in the National Gallery, Prague, depicts Madonna and Infant from a fifteenth  century perspective. The Madonna’s attention is directed to the child, […]

Original Water Colors, Gallery

University of Illinois, College of Medicine Cook County Hospital Masonic Hospital, Chicago.

White Coats

Ken Williams Cambria, CA (Spring 2017)   Waiting White coats hustle by nurses of compassion their gentle, sideway smiles frozen combating war’s legacy Blood counts fall Platelets White cells Red cells M.I.A. Agent Orange rages Gulf War Syndrome Agent Orange, Blue other colors, deadly rainbow Burn off trash heaps pick our poison Plastic tubes stained […]