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Past Grand Prix winners

2018 Winners To be announced in early 2018   2017 Winners Volume 9, Issue 3 Grand Prix: Locked-in syndrome: inside the cocoon Anika Khan Silver Prize: The King’s-Evil… Adam S. Komorowski & Sang Ik Song   2016 Winners Volume 8, Issue 3 Grand Prix: Outwitting ‘Typhoid Mary’ Lisa Mullenneaux Silver Prize: “Dust Off” and the Power of… Robert B. Robeson […]

Grand Prix Submission Guidelines

The sixth Hektoen International Grand Prix Essay Competition will award three finalists for original essays relating to art, history, literature, education, personal narratives, and music as they relate to medicine, as well reports on famous physicians or hospitals.  Participants should look at the various sections of Hektorama to view topics of interest and examples of previously accepted articles. […]

Unlocking the secrets of a bohemian painting

Bernard Brabin Liverpool, England (Summer 2017)   The Deštná painting Oil on wood.  With permission (Photograph © National Gallery in Prague 2017, with permission) The image By an unknown artist, the Deštná painting in the National Gallery, Prague, depicts Madonna and Infant from a fifteenth  century perspective. The Madonna’s attention is directed to the child, […]

Volume 9, Issue 2 – Spring 2017

Volume 9, Issue 2 – Spring 2017 ISSN 2155-3017 Published in Chicago by the Hektoen Institute of Medicine Please click to subscribe to free e-journal In this issue we publish articles on three famous hospitals and three notable surgeons; on the disabilities of John Milton, Charles Darwin, and the Emperor Claudius; and on how art […]

Original Water Colors, Gallery

University of Illinois, College of Medicine Cook County Hospital Masonic Hospital, Chicago.

White Coats

Ken Williams Cambria, CA (Spring 2017)   Waiting White coats hustle by nurses of compassion their gentle, sideway smiles frozen combating war’s legacy Blood counts fall Platelets White cells Red cells M.I.A. Agent Orange rages Gulf War Syndrome Agent Orange, Blue other colors, deadly rainbow Burn off trash heaps pick our poison Plastic tubes stained […]

The blue pain

Shirali Raina Noida, India (Spring 2017)   Deliverance Photography and digital effects by Shirali Raina His black smudged, The white  blurred, Grey and only grey His shadowed world. Breathing in doubt, Breathing out dread. Angels in his heart, And demons in the head. His mind in tatters, Blue, blue the pain. Shunned and ragged, The […]


Volume 9, Issue 2 – Spring 2017 ISSN 2155-3017 Published in Chicago by the Hektoen Institute of Medicine Please click to subscribe to free e-journal In this issue, we highlight the winners of the Fifth Hektoen International Grand Prix Competition and the winning essay by Ms. Anika Khan; the winning brief essay from Adam S. […]

Breese Nursing Home: an exploration of humanity and love

Ellen Jantzen Newport Beach, California, United States (Spring 2011)   I attended a nursing home Christmas party at the Breese Nursing Home in Illinois the week before Christmas, 2010 and was very moved by the residents and their families; it was a life-changing event for me. Before, while visiting my mother-in-law, I would divert my […]

Answers to Literary Quiz #1

Charlotte Bronte: Jane Eyre. Charles Dickens: Hard Times. Albert Camus: The Stranger. George Orwell: Animal Farm. Ernest Hemingway: Farewell to Arms. Mark Twain: Life on the Mississippi. Agatha Christie: Murder on the Orient Express. The Bible: Book of Ruth. Henry James: Portrait of a Lady. Leo Tolstoy: Anna Karenina.