Grand Prize Winner:

Character, genius, and a missing person in medicine by Carrie Barron



The promise of a perfect smile by Liz Jones


Honorable Mentions:

Avulsions by Toree McGowan

Ports of Calls: toward a taxonomy of hospital on-call rooms by Mike Wong

The professor and the playwright on what it means to care by Fergus Shanahan

Edgar Degas’ light sensitivity and its effects on his art by Zeynel Karcioglu

A picture of ill-health: the illness of Elizabeth Siddal by Emily Boyle

Welcome to the Jungle: the story of adopting two food safety laws by Stephen Kosnar

An Abominable habit by Michael Crossland

Faith, neuroscience, and “the thorn” in Paul’s side: Abrahamic interpretations of epilepsy by Christina Perri

Swaddling: Forever bound in controversy? by Jenniffer Borst