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Where is the dignity in death?

Therese Kwiatkowski Chicago, Illinois, USA   Death in the Sick Chamber, 1895 Edvard Munch, Norwegian (1863–1944) Oil on canvas 150 x 167.5 cm In my experience, the end of life is neither peaceful nor dignified. I wish I had been told that death is hard work for both the patient and the loved one. I did […]

The good death

Raeford E Brown, Jr Lexington, Kentucky, USA   Physicians and nurses experience death all too often. We recognize the gray hue, the fetid odor, and chill of a body that has been failing for days or months. In hospital halls, we hurriedly pass families as they struggle to deal with the loss of their loved […]

Suffocating in the bell jar: the euthanasia request by the unbearably suffering, depressed patient

Barend Florijn Ad Kaptein The Netherlands     Photography by thekirbster Introduction The Dutch Euthanasia Act took effect in the Netherlands in 2002. Since then the official euthanasia number of patients with a mental disorder has risen from 13 in 2011 to 42 patients in 2013.1 This Act regulates the ending of one’s life by a […]