Sections with New Arrivals

All articles appearing in the Journal are first published in the appropriate Section, which is also the official publication date. The articles may later be featured in the quarterly Current Issue, in the Hektorama magazine, in Themes, and in the Social Media.


New arrivals


The two Scotts, Herold Griffith

Canadian contributions to pathology, Guillermo Quinonez, Laurette Geldenhuys

Navigating the waters of post-COVID survivorship, Denise Bockwoldt

Mary Niles and the Canton rats, Edward McSweegan

Nobel and Lasker Laureates of Chinese descent, Laurence K. Chan

The surgery of pyloric stenosis in Chicago, John Raffensperger

Pinel and the Tukes, JMS Pearce

Death in the time of Corona, Nivetha Subramanian



Have we learned anything from 1918-1919 influenza?, Edward Winslow

Faith and patron saints during the Black Death, Mariella Scerri

Richard Mead, Arpan K Banerjee

George Orwell and the Spanish Civil War, James L. Franklin

Cancer Warrior, Thanuja Subramaniam

A Handbook to the Heart of Medicine, J.T.H. Connor

Partial eclipse of the heart, Perry Dinardo

Hippocrates, abortion, and cutting for stone, John Raffensperger



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