Poetry: 2018-2019

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Jacob M. Appel

New Year’s Eve, Old Presbyterian Hospital new

Hope Atlas

Me, my father, and the angels new

Susan M. Beck

On the banks of the ganges

J. Trig Brown

A city of two tales new

Roxana Cazan

Thinking of my dying grandmother at the Natural History Museum

Wesley Chou

What it’s about new

Mac Greene

I tried to write a dementia poem

Sophia Valesca Görgens

Taking a History in the ICU: Social: Does your husband still smoke? new

Prasad Iyer

Réquiem new

Michelle Kittleson

A mother and a doctor

Evgeniya Larionova


Amber Moore
       Christian cutting at Vancouver General
Daniel Moran

Life savings


We mortals

Michael Salcman

Some subjects are given new

Slavena Salve Nissan


Simon Perchik

Five Untitled Poems

Laura Wendorff

Maimed new

Sophia Wilson-Gunther

Sleep new
Para site new
Half-skull new