Poetry: 2014-2012

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Medical limericks

Glen P. Aylward

The Therapist

James O. Ballard

December Fall

Linda A. Mason Barber

The Chair

Catherine Belling

At 38 Weeks, Wondering

Eleonore Blaurock-Busch

Memory – Grandpa Louis

Jeanne Bryner

Apple Tree – Baby Poems

Photo Journalist – The Garden in Winter – The Violets

Elizabeth Lovett Colledge

I Held My Father’s Hand – Farewell to an Ex-lover

Steve Cushman

My Break – Work and Family – In OR 5

Martin Duke

I Am the Very Model of an Up-to-Date Physician

Ron Domen

Plaintive Music

Shridhar Dwivedi

Predicting heart attack

Terri Kirby Erickson

After the Funeral

Robert Ferrari

Views from the Asylum

Lisa Friedman

The First Cut

Jim Gustafson

Psychosocial – Hospice House

Diana Heiman

Mother’s Day is Different this Year

Jan A. Jahner

A Burglar in the Body – Too Heavy

Adrienne M. Jenness

Alternate Reality -The Magic Age

Dileep Jhaveri

“Once this Mist Clears” and other poems

Michelle Joy

Ripping Point

Lydia Kang

In the NICU – The Tumor

Shawn Khosla

My First Medical Rotation

Daniel Thomas Moran

In the Spider’s Web – Landscapes – Intelligent Design

Viola Moriarty

Dancing with Dex

Wynne Morrison

Blood of my blood

J.M.S. Pearce

Retired Hurt

D. Roach, M. Milson, Kyle M. & J. Neal

Finding a Voice: poetry and images

Judy Schaefer

Broken heart

David G. Thoele

No Good Options

John A. Vanek

Guillain–Barré – Vanishing Twin

Glenn Webb


A. J. Wright

In the Waiting Room – Rebecca’s Doll

Cheryl L. Kaplan Zachariah

Heavy. Period. – We Breathe Together


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