Personal Narratives: K-P

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Amitha Kalaichandran

Death and the diaspora

Laurel Kamada

One year infirmed in USA & Japan: differing practices in stroke rehabilitation

Arunachalam Kumar

Risus sardonicus

Biji T. Kurien

Sizzlingly Personalized Aesculapian Medicine (SPAM) E-mails

A memorable patient

Janaka Lagoo

Unpacking empathy

Ana Liang

I’m sorry to hear that

Laura Loertscher

Something red

Grace Lucas

Body matters

Lisa Lunney

The birth and death of the day

Phillipa Malpas

How do you say goodbye?

Aroop Mangalik

Remembering an uncrowded world

Farrin A. Manian

Who do I look like?

Matko Marusic

Children do not die

Torree McGowan


Irene Aluen Metzner & Glenn Youngkrantz

The door to recovery new

Amy Millios

String of Hearts

Cyndy Muscatel

In full retreat new

Ellen O’Connor

Happy Birthday

Gregory O’Gara

Metaphor, memory, and my grandmother’s hands

Danielle Ofri

Found in translation?

The pastor’s son

Dannie Ong

To all the books that saved my life new

Anthony Papagiannis

Easy come, easy go

Paul Perilli

Last Chemo

Diana Pi

The girl on the gurney

Ronald Pies

Each day is magnified

Ivan Barry Pless

Ronnie’s gifts

Michelle Ponder

In translation

Bhupesh Prusty

A forbidden truth