Personal Narratives: A-J

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Bebeyi Grace Abiodun

Self-esteem and skin diseases new

Susan Anderson

Waiting for results

Ashley Austin

Win or lose

Niyi Awofeso

Disciplinary architecture: prison design and prisoners’health

Kate Baggott
How to treat a broken heart: an instruction guide

Aaron Berkowitz
The disease you do not see

Sarah Bigham

Is it legal yet?

William D. Black

On being a spousal caregiver

Merle Borg

Dangerous inheritance new

Mara Buck

A year in oblivion – an artistic journey

Eli Cannon

Down a rabbit hole

Anirban Chatterjee

Out of the medicine cabinet: an out doctor in a closeted country

Berklee Cohen
Appendicitis: a teenager’s perspective
Simon Cohen

Fifty years on an Englishman recalls Cook County Hospital

Jack Coulehan

Alabama and the healing of memories

Jean Cozier

Healing hidden wounds: a personal perspective

Tereza Crvenkovic

Letter to my body

Theresa Danna

Living with incidental cyberchondria new

Gian Battista Danzi

An illuminating experience in my practice

Fredna DeCarlo

Life of a blanket in the medical center

Ruth Deming

Sugar High and Low

Emily Dieckman

Cancer class

Olga Diganchina

Gingerbread new

Martin Duke

Distant memories of medical school – 1950-1954

Michael Ellman

The story of a scar new

Sona Engingan

Identity and service new

Alun Evans

The night the troubles erupted in Belfast new

Maia Evrona

Immigrating to the in-between

Jeanne Farnan

Rethinking the impulse to empathize: A sister’s perspective on sympathy and stigma new

Liam Farrell

Go to work on an egg

Transient pleasure, prolonged pain

Kirsten Fogg

Trauma vicariously: a writer’s madness

Yong Wei Gabriel

Daniel’s clock

Andrew Gallagher

When a medical student becomes a patient new

Dean Gianakos

My mother and Proust

Denis Gill

Big Hugh

Megan Giller

An autoimmune love story

Jessica Gregg

A good mother

Menachem Hanani

The cab driver

Margot Hedlin


Joseph Hodapp

The names of things new

Sarah Howard

The ghosts of yesteryear

Angela Hyde

Passing on compassion

Ochiche Nnenna Ijeoma

Pitch Dark

Jaimee Leigh Joroff

The Show and Tell Prelude: Futility in the nursing home