On the way to school, Mary Jumbelic

Sacrifice, Anthony Papagiannis

Hualapai tigers in the Mule Mountains, Stephen A. Klotz, Justin O. Schmidt

Gruesome traditional medical practices in Nigeria, Ofor, Joshua Obase-Otumoyi

The Sufi healers of Sudan: caring for those without care, Ahmed Elhag

Pain versus survival, Marissa Armoogam

Modern day obstinacy: the persistence of pangalintaw, Halima Abdulmaguid

Sister Kenny: the forgotten Nightingale, Anand Raja Devaraj Sushama

Handmaidens of anatomy, Elisabeth Brander

Dr. Joycelyn Elders: an unwelcome prophet, Howard Fischer

Novice doctor at Guy’s Hospital in 1964, Hugh Tunstall-Pedoe

Was Moses an alchemist?, S.E.S. Medina

The patronage and playability of Mozart’s flute works, Stephen Martin

Richard Wagner, a man of many symptoms, George Dunea

The “weak” intern, Htet Khine

Past, present, and future of psychedelic medicine, Jennifer Keehn

Psychiatric care at the historical Athens Mental Health Facility, Cherron Payne

Malaria in defeat and victory, Richard J. E. Brown

A “most perfect interchange”, Satyabha Tripathi

Poe’s murder mystery as a model of neurodiverse inclusion, Geoff Hoppe

The forerunner, Shafiqah Samarasam

A note on handedness, JMS Pearce

Janus, Dahlia Mukherjee

Rejuvenation: “The Adventure of the Creeping Man”, James L. Franklin

Doctor in exile, Constance Markey

Healing literature, Scott D. Vander Ploeg

Suffering in William Carlos Williams’s “The Yellow Flower”, Negin Rezaei

Arthur Bispo do Rosário: creation in psychosis, Rebecca Grossman-Kahn

The use of force in medicine, Angad Tiwari, Mallika Khurana

Abhay Sadhak (fearless seeker): Baba Amte, Utkarsh G. Hingmire


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