Dancing with spiders: tarantellas and tarantism, Howard Fischer

A poet for a patient: a tenth century poem by al Mutanabbi, Sama Alreddawi, Barry Meisenberg

Ladies in hats, Alan Blum

Ragging, P. Ravi Shankar

Book review: The Imaginary Patient: How Diagnosis Gets Us Wrong, Arpan K. Banerjee

Beans: an indelicate subject of conversation, George Dunea

Diagnosis: Neurosyphilis. Treatment: Malaria, iatrogenic, Howard Fischer

Denis Parsons Burkitt, JMS Pearce

A tale of three doctors, Howard Fischer

Garlic in medicine and at dinner, George Dunea

Early surgery of meningocele, JMS Pearce

Book review: Understanding the NHS, Arpan K. Banerjee

Robert the Bruce, George Dunea

Arthur William Mayo-Robson, JMS Pearce

The painting of the Good Samaritan in Bracciano Castle, Stephen Martin

Going berserk, Howard Fischer

Dream on, Paul Rousseau

Bone headdress, Susan Sample

Berzelius, father of Swedish chemistry, George Dunea

The Scriblerus and other clubs, JMS Pearce

Dr. Oriol Mitjà: seeking to understand old & new infectious diseases, Howard Fischer

Las Animas: A Cuban yellow fever hospital, Enrique Chaves-Carballo & David A. Schwartz

Egg rhapsody, George Dunea

Long before Pearl Harbor, an entire hospital was sent to help England in World War II, Edward Tabor

Medicine’s pandemonium of paradoxes, Fergus Shanahan

Melville’s Bartleby: an absurd casualty, Simon Wein

Marmite: its place in medical history, Lucy Wills, and the discovery of folic acid, James L. Franklin

Daumier’s doctors, Howard Fischer

Villanelle, Jolene Won

Dr. Gerhard Domagk and prontosil: dyeing beats dying, Howard Fischer


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