Somerset Maugham, JMS Pearce

The old ice box

The two doctors

The last iron lungs, Charles Halsted

Pursuing ‘Conclusions Infinite:’ the inspiration of Georg Cantor, Sylvia Karasu

Leonhard Thurneysser: scholar, alchemist, and miracle doctor, George Dunea

Our celiac boarder, Charles Halsted

COVID-19 and 1665: learning from Daniel Defoe, Brian Birch

The history of quarantine and contact tracing, Mariella Scerri, Victor Grech

The germ of laziness, Enrique Chaves-Carballo

Oswaldo Cruz and the eradication of infectious diseases in Brazil, Robert Perlman

E.T.A. Hoffmann’s neurological disease, Nicolás Robles

Covid battleground, Elena Wilson


Mary Josephine Hannan: portrait of a pioneer, Katie King

How Britain rescued scientists from Nazi tyranny, JMS Pearce

Companionable books

Compassion, Charles Halsted

Review: Intensive Care: A GP, A Community and COVID-19, Arpan K. Banerjee

Rage against the machine, Kaitlin Kan

Encephalitis lethargica, George Dunea

Ogino Ginko, one of the first female doctors in Japan, Mariel Tishma

Emblems and psychological medicine on the Sutton Hoo purse, Stephen Martin

Agricola’s De re metallica: description of industrial diseases, George Dunea

Ancient Greek plague and coronavirus, Patrick Bell

The loneliness of the long-living doctor, Peter Arnold

Selman Waksman, “father of antibiotics” & fighter of tuberculosis, George Dunea


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