New Arrivals Page (Draft)

The revolution of Abraham Flexner and its aftermath, George Dunea

Kathleen (Yardley) Lonsdale DSc., FR, JMS Pearce

Simon Flexner, infectious diseases pioneer, George Dunea

Nazi doctors and medical eponyms, Howard Fischer

Girolamo Cardano: Renaissance physician and polymath, George Dunea

C. Miller Fisher: Stroke in the twentieth century, Arpan K. Banerjee

The first effective chemotherapy for cancer, Marshall A. Lichtman

Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin OM, FRS (1910-1994), JMS Pearce

John Dalton, JMS Pearce

In praise of swimming: from Benjamin Franklin to Oliver Sacks, James L. Franklin

William Osler: clinician and teacher with a pediatric interest, Göran Wettrell

Giovanni Boccaccio on pandemics past and present, Constance Markey

Sergei Rachmaninoff: the dichotomy of life and music, Michael Yafi, Chaden Yafi

Botulism: from pork sausages to Botox, George Dunea

Carlos J. Finlay: the mosquito man, Enrique Chaves-Carballo

The Siege, Glen P. Aylward

Parkinson’s, Glen P. Aylward

Notes on a first abortion, Henry Bair

Best friends for never, Ariya Mobaraki

Not as a Stranger: The desperate medical student, Howard Fischer

Schizophrenia in Diary of a Madman & A Madman’s Diary, Janet Ming Guo

Coleridge and the albatross syndrome, Nicolás Roberto Robles



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