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There is power in the blood
Mark Tan
Bleeding science dry: the history of scientific racism and blood
Matthew Casas
Books and Reviews
The psychological impact of facial injury in the First World War: outcomes from the Queen’s Hospital, Sidcup
Andrew N. Bamji
Remembering Charlotte Brontë
Vasudha Chandra
How not to make the consultation sexy
Claire Elliott
Francisco de Goya: a portrait of illness
Trang Ngoc Diem Vu
A case of toxic blood
Shruthi Deivasigamani
Romalyn Ante
The Rh factor: An intertwined history
Paula Carter
Painting an honest image
Rachel Fleishman
Humanitarian for all: the life of Henry Dunant
Stephen Kosnar
Hektoen International Spring Issue
The creation of Tennessee Williams’ Blanche Dubois: a biographical psychotic neurotic
Fizzah Ali
Health, wellness, and their determinants
Travis Kirkwood
One woman’s journey for a tuberculosis cure
Terri Sinnott
What it’s about
Wesley Chou
The oncologist’s mask
Prasad Iyer
History repeated: child abuse in the United States
Joseph deBettencourt
The big question
Monica Maalouf

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