First Volume

This page contains the archive of online journal Hektoen International. Please read below to find brief descriptions of previous issues.

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Volume 1, Issue 5 – Fall 2009 – Features articles on integrating literature into healthcare, the Hippocratic Oath, the intersection of neuroscience and yoga, dream interpretation and insomnia across cultures. Also featured are reflections on a medical education in Croatia, medical illustrations rendered through technology, and a collection of artwork by a recovering trauma patient.
Volume 1, Issue 4 – Summer 2009 – Features articles on the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait through drawings, the history of tuberculosis, leprosy in Africa, creativity in medicine, psychiatrists in literature, Joseph B. Kirsner, and Dr. Hans Zinsser, the Renaissance man. Also featured are various personal essays and poems by physicians, nurses and medical students.
Volume 1, Issue 3 – Spring 2009 – Features articles on cannibalism, Dr. Knox and the body snatchers, disability and eugenics in the United States, grumpy doctors in short stories, teaching nursing at the morgue and the art museum, and many more. Also featured is an art installation on HIV/AIDS. Canibalism
Volume 1, Issue 2 – Winter 2009 – Features articles on art and psychoanalysis, HIV/AIDS literature, nursing during the US civil war, Rudolf Virchow, Eisenhower and Crohn’s Disease, and many more. Also featured is a reprint from Lancet on Emerging Infections: a Perpetual Challenge.
Volume 1, Issue 1 – Fall 2008 – Features several reprints from the British Medical Journal, articles written by George Dunea, MD, President and CEO of the Hektoen Institute of Medicine. Also, featured is an article by Editorial Board Member, John Last, MD, based on a paper given in a Symposium on “The role of the medical humanities in education and healing.” Many Phisicians have slain a king