Doctors, Patients, and Diseases: R-Z

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Goutham Rao

The unconscious eater – The modern glutton

Tuhina Raman

Block new

Ronald Rembert

Burnout new

Jack Riggs

Alida Rol

“Mississipi Appendectomy” and other stories: When silence is complicity

Damiano Rondelli

People or numbers: healing and efficiency

Gregory Rose

        The big sheepdog new

Brianna Rossiter

Un-Impostering new

Kate Rowland

A love story

Gregory W. Rutecki

Retirement reflections: from code to compassion with Chloe

Aneesa Sataur

Pain and palpation: reading the body narrative with the osteopathic medical touch

Ami Schattner

From enigma to Jeremy new

Christopher J. Schayer


Naomi Schlesinger, Gregory Maniatis, Ranita Sharma, and Boris D. Veysman

The diagnostic eclipse

Suchita Shah

Where doctors cannot reach: tales from a British High Street

Fergus Shanahan

Support players in the story of an illness – how to behave

Ravi Shankar

The man who could not stop smoking!

My grandmother

William Shimp

The doctor becomes the patient: an internist’s journey from skepticism to gratitude new

Rebecca M. Shulman

The Basest of the Senses

Shampa Sinha

Snakes and ladders

Bryan Sisk


Annabelle Slingerland

The Beetham Eye Institute at the Joslin Diabetes Center

Annabelle Slingerland and J. Wouter Jukema

The Song of Diabetes

Richard Sobel

Those golden years

Richard Sobel & Peggy Aylsworth

Mimetic disease

R. S. Steinberg

The last of the “just”

James Stoeller

Flyfishing and medicine new

Vigneshwar & Nivetha Subramanian

Healing in post-genocide Rwanda

Chris Sumberg

Quickly now, where does it hurt?

Gordon Sun

What could have been new

Irene Switankowsky

PDF Document Honoring a Patient’s Inner Wisdom

Alexandria Szalanczy

On your doctor’s orders new

Jessica Tang

Beyond Medicine

Kathryn Taylor

The hypocrisy of the advice-giver

Kanani Titchen

Just like that

Carla Treloar

Reflections on the practice of treatment for drug dependence

Dane Wanniarachige

Understanding and combatting ageism in healthcare new

Caroline Wellbery


Jennifer Wineke

Decoding doctor-speak in the era of OpenNotes

Bharata Wingham

Warning: laughter can be hazardous to your illness

Frank Yurasek

Mainstreaming acupuncture in Chicago

Wali Zahid

Health flash: humanize medicine, the time is now


Scoliosis new