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Susan Kaplan

Silent no more

Paul Karagiannis

My first (do no harm) patient

Murad Moosa Khan

Which weighs upon the heart

T. Colin Killeen

Call me Sylvester!

Sheila Solomon Klass

Waiting for the darkness to lift

Lloyd W. Klein

When good doctors have bad outcomes: improving clinical practice in a results-oriented environment

Rachel H. Kowalsky

The Lawnmower

Julius Kremling

Why connection matters: Understanding patients’ illness by understanding their reality

Howsikan Kugathasan

The color of organ markets

Jonathan D. Lewis

Jeremiah Kenoyer’s cancer cure

Monica Maalouf

The big question new

Farrin A. Manian

The lesser of evils

William Marshall


Irene Martinez

The second chart

Jean Jacob Mathews

The free diaper delivery and chat service

Lea Mendes

        PEACH: Providing end of life care for the homeless

Atara Messinger
       “The GBM in Room 9”: on the objectifying power of naming and diagnosing
Jacklyn Munn

Provider empathy: a patient’s tale

Ben Murnane

The patient writer: finding meaning in authorship and illness

Ajanta Naidu

A difficult conversation

Ifediba Nzube

Medicine as we know it

Dimitrios G. Oreopoulos

PDF DocumentIs there meaning in suffering?

Charles Ethan Paccione

The healing art of listening

Anthony Papagiannis

Summer heat, crisis, and the glad game

Patients bearing gifts

The girl with the name of a flower

At the turning point

Medicine as handmaiden of technology
Aspects of distancing

Shaking hands
The treasure trove of memory 
Dialogues of comfort new
Life is short and Art is long: reflections on the first Hippocratic aphorism new
Preparing for the unexpected new

J.M.S. Pearce

Patients and society: the big divide

Constance E. Putnam

Doctor’s daughter: reflections on a family’s role in a physician’s practice