Uniting Medicine with Culture

Hektoen International is a free online journal of medical humanities. Its articles are first published in the appropriate thematic section of Hektorama, this also being the official publication date for future reference. The articles may later be highlighted in Frontispiece (the traditional front page) and sometimes republished there, for we think of our journal as a museum and its articles as its precious collection, to be exhibited again and again, like a Correggio or Titian, not archived and forgotten.

We also publicize our articles through email newsletters and social media pages. Publishing online allows prompt publishing, gives access to a wider audience, and keeps pace with evolving technology. In an era of change and innovation, just as when the printing press of Guttenberg replaced the illuminated manuscripts of monks and scribes, it is truly exciting to be on the cusp of new developments and experiment with new forms of communication, but also to balance the modern with the traditional, and publish a serious journal of medical humanities, thus Uniting Medicine with Culture.



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