Past Winners

Hektoen International honors the winners and runners up of the Hektoen Grand Prix essay contests



Abigail Cline, Winner
Tales from the crypt:  the mosaic symbolism of Louis Pasteur’s tomb

Jack Coulehan, Runner-Up
The Education of Doctor Chekhov

Alida Rol, Runner-Up
“Mississippi Appendectomy” and other stories: when silence is complicity



Anika Khan, Winner – Essay
Locked-in syndrome: inside the cocoon

Adam Komrowski and Sang Ik Song, Winner – Brief
The King’s -Evil and sensory experience in Richard Wiseman’s Severall Chirurgicall Treatises



Lisa Mullenneaux, Winner
Outwitting ‘Typhoid Mary’

Robert Robeson, Winner
“Dust Off” and the Power of Perseverance



Christopher Frank, Winner
You’re no fi’ Glasgow: memories of the Glasgow Royal Infirmary

Natalia Vieyra, Runner-Up
Illuminating addiction: morphinomania in fin-de-siècle visual culture



Salvatore Mangione, Winner
Leonardo and the reinvention of anatomy



Fergus Shanahan, Winner

Daisy Fancourt, Runner-Up
Medicine musica