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Pascal’s disease

Bo Laestadius Stockholm, Sweden (Winter 2016)   The French mathematician, physicist and philosopher Blaise Pascal was born in 1623. At the age of twelve he had already studied Euclid´s geometry on his own and had written a paper about sound waves. A few years later he designed and built a calculator. In mathematics he has […]


Hemal N. Sampat (Winter 2016)   No bleeding this month. It is how I announced myself. A child arrived And Mom and Dad were overjoyed. Years pass. One day, no more bleeding. No more children to come. Then, bleeding again. It is how he announced himself. A different child arrived Born of Mom alone. Tan-colored, […]

The Pump

W.D. Bumsted-Hind (Winter 2016) The pump works, but it’s leaking in a few places. It’s not very efficient. It’s been worked on several times, but they can’t seem to fix it. Can’t you try some stronger couplings? Can’t you just use a backflow preventer? How about a compression fitting? No? Why not? Keep trying. Try […]