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An ancient oath with modern significance

 Emmanuel Ugokwe SIA Africa and Society for Young Writers, Nigeria Southeast and SouthSouth Hippocrates of Kos Engraving by Peter Paul Rubens, 1638 About 400 BCE Hippocrates, commonly known as the father of medicine, wrote the Hippocratic oath. That noble, ethical creed still guides the medical profession. Is that what you have been taught? If so, you are […]

The National Anti-Vivisection Hospital, London

Alan W.H. Bates, MD, PhD, FRCPath University College, London, United Kingdom (Winter 2015)  The Anti-Vivisection Hospital in the 1930s. Photograph courtesy of Peter Maleczec. Source: Flickr In 1935, the National Anti-Vivisection Hospital was in trouble. Its nurses gave up their holidays to raise money, and residents of London’s deprived district of Battersea, which the hospital […]

The 8076th: a hospital with marching orders

Abigail Cline, PhD Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, United States (Winter 2015) November 22 was an unusually cold day at the American hospital in Kumchon County. Otherwise, it was business as usual in the sixty-bed facility. The doctors were scrubbing for surgery, nurses were moving patients among the wards, X-ray technicians were developing radiographs, and […]

The Blade

Kevin R. Loughlin Boston, Massachusetts, USA   The blade slashes through the skin Not in violence But in cure It is held not by an assailant But by a surgeon The same instrument But with such cross purposes As a surgeon, I know the fear and anticipation That proceeds the strike Assailants must feel the […]


Miriam Ancis (Winter 2015) Study 2: Gouache and Ink. 5 x 7.  2007.     Study 3: Gouache and Ink. 5 x 7. 2007     Green Wave 2: Pastel and Charcoal. 41 x 26. 2006     Cells 1: Charcoal and Ink. 22 x 30. 2007     MIRIAM ANCIS has an MFA in […]