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Guillain–Barré – Vanishing Twin

John A. Vanek, MD St. Petersburg, Florida, United States (Winter 2013) Poet’s statement: Poetry provides a vehicle that takes me to places that logic won’t go, a way of understanding the incomprehensible, both in life and in medicine. I now prescribe poetry PRN, but warn that it may hurt a little. My poems are peopled […]

Gregor goes to the doctor

Larry Zaroff, MD, PhD Stanford University, Palo Alto, California, United States   Photography by Anthony Kai C My clinic is far North in Acres, Montana, perversely, a small town near the Canadian border, where, in October, without permission the dark sneaks in early. My work here, after twenty-six years as a cardiac surgeon in Los […]

Pediatric pishogues

C. Anthony Ryan, MB, MD, FRCPI Bridget Maher MB, MRCGP University College Cork, Ireland   Illustration by John Bauer Although superstitions abound in all societies, Irish tradition has an especially long and rich tradition of folk beliefs and superstitions. Thus, when a newborn infant was recently diagnosed with Klippel-Trenaunay-Weber syndrome,1 a triad of port-wine stain, […]

The First Cut

Lisa Friedman Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, United States (Winter 2013) Poet’s statement: The poem is about my first experience with cadavers in the anatomy lab at medical school. The first cut My first patient was an 88-year-old female “Congestive Heart Failure” the chart said. Not in acute distress Neither alert nor oriented x […]

My First Medical Rotation

Shawn Khosla Rockhurst University, Kansas City, Missouri, United States (Winter 2013) Poet’s statement: My junior year in high school, I started to shadow a physician in an inner-city hospital. This poem illustrates my initial shock at the devastation caused by social evils like drugs and drunk driving. My experience showed me the importance of combining […]

I Held My Father’s Hand – Farewell to an Ex-lover

Elizabeth Lovett Colledge, PhD Commodores Point Terminal Corporation, Jacksonville, Florida, United States (Winter 2013) Poet’s statement: These poems are about the experience of letting go of someone who is passing. The first poem is about my father’s death; the second is about the loss of a lover.   I held my father’s hand I held […]

Medical limericks

(Winter 2013) A girl called Jane took an airplane to Spain, And developed abdominal pain. She went straight to bed and drank something red, And twelve hours later was dead. There was a young man called Rimple Who squeezed a very large pimple. It caused him much pain and spread to the brain And left […]

Alternate Reality -The Magic Age

Adrienne M. Jenness, MLIS Drexel University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States (Winter 2013) Poet’s statement: I was diagnosed as bipolar when I was 27. I am now in my sixties and, thanks to good therapists and my own efforts, I have been stable for many years. I know what it is like to be mentally ill […]

My Break – Work and Family – In OR 5

Steve Cushman Moses Cone Memorial Hospital, Greensboro, North Carolina, United States (Winter 2013) Poet’s statement: All three of these poems have to do with the “other” lives of healthcare workers. We see doctors, nurses, and X-ray technologists in the hospital, and and we expect them to be fully engaged in the work they do, but […]

Running on empty

Zel Brook Corvallis, Oregon, United States (Winter 2013) Artist’s statement: My photography, sculpture, and paintings document my lifelong experiences with illness and disability.   Self-portrait with dysfunctional wheelchair Zel Brook Wood, metal, rubber 50” x 40” This piece is a re-use of wheelchair wheels on an uncomfortable chair with my cane balanced on the seat. […]