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Literary Quiz – #2 answers

William Boyd: The Pathology of Internal Diseases James A. Michener: Iberia Ernest Hemingway: For Whom the Bell Tolls Aristotle: Metaphysics Xenophon: Anabasis Virginia Woolf: Night and Day William Faulkner: Sanctuary Winston Churchill: The Second World War Stephen Crane: The Red Badge of Courage Ernest Hemingway: The Old Man and the Sea

Literary Quiz – #2

FIRST SENTENCES OF GREAT CLASSICS TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE! Of all the ailments that may blow out life’s little candle, heart disease is the chief. I have long believed that any man interested in either the mystic or the romantic aspects of life must sooner or later define his attitude concerning Spain. He lay flat on […]

Psychosocial – Hospice House

Jim Gustafson, MDiv       Fort Myers, Florida, USA Poet’s statement: “Hospice House” reflects on a time recently spent in the lobby of our local hospice facility, as I visited with a good friend named Wilma. “Psychosocial” reflects on the most recent events of Wilma’s life as she, who very much hates to fly, flew to visit […]


Glenn Webb, PhD Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee, United States (Winter 2012)Poet’s statement: In epidemiology, R0 (pronounced R-naught) is the measure of an epidemic. It is defined as the mean number of secondary cases produced by a typical single infected case in a population of susceptible individuals. R0 is an indicator for the severity of the […]

There is an elephant in the room

David Valentine Rochester, New York, USA   “I’ve lost my erector spinae,” my husband said to me. “They make pills for that now,” I told him. “No, not that,” he said. “Here.” He pointed at his back. It looked more floppy than usual, but only a little. “See? My back muscles went away.” I went […]

The power of the creative

Margo Davis New York, United States   The names used within this article have been changed to ensure patient privacy. The question is often asked of me, “What in the world do you do as an artist-in-residence in a hospital?” Over time, my answer has crystallized to: “I bring the creative process to sick kids.” […]

Intercepted letters: the Wandervogel syndrome

Reprinted from The Lancet, Anonymous, “The Wandervogel syndrome,” 1411–1412, December 24, 1966, with permission from Elsevier. My dear Dean, You seemed surprised in Faculty when I raised objections against extended leave of absence for Johnson to act as visiting professor in Chile. I have been brooding about this business for some time, and here is […]

Dr. Ralph Schomburg, a fashionable physician

Dr. Ralph Schomburg (1714–1792) Thomas Gainsborough National Gallery, London This painting by Thomas Gainsborough is from the National Gallery in London. It shows the physician, Dr. Ralph Schomburg (1714–1792). While residing in Bath, Dr. Schomburg attended on Gainsborough himself as well as on his daughters. Story has it that Gainsborough painted this portrait in lieu […]

Lorenzo Lotto: portrait of a physician

Giovanni Agostino della Torre and his son, Niccolo, ca. 1513 Lorenzo Lotto Philadelphia Museum of Art   Giovanni Agostino della Torre was an eminent wealthy physician in the northern Italian town of Bergamo. Believed to have been 61 years old when his portrait was painted, he died in 1535 at 81, then presumably no longer […]

The Fountain of Youth

But O that I were young again And held her in my arms. —Yeats Since time immemorial, people in most countries of the world have looked for remedies to repair the ravages of time and make them young again. This has given rise to many tales about miraculous springs of water they could drink or […]