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Morning note

Jeanne Bryner Trumbull Memorial Hospital, Warren, Ohio, United States (Winter 2011) Poet’s statement: “Morning note” was a response to finding my husband’s note. Couples who have come through this type of grief know its depth. There are many gravesites on our journey. Names we dare not speak burn themselves inside our hearts.   Morning note […]

Prayer for my Village – When a Friend Asks Me What It’s Like to See Someone Die

Jeanne Bryner Trumbull Memorial Hospital, Warren, Ohio, United States (Winter 2011)   Poet’s statement: Both of these poems were written while I was at Vermont Studio Center on an international fellowship. Artists from all disciplines, states, and nations ate together, worked in their studios, presented slides, and gave readings of works-in-progress. It was precious. And […]

The doctor in literature: the abortion and the abortionist

Solomon Posen Sydney, Australia (Fall 2011) “I will not give to a woman a pessary to cause abortion. But I will keep pure and holy both my life and my art.”1 “It’s an awfully simple operation.”2   The Doctor and His Patient By Jan Steen, Dutch (1626-1679) Oil on canvas, 76 x 64 cm Rijksmuseum, […]

Portrait of nursing

Lynda Slimmer University of Illinois, Chicago, Illinois, United States (Winter 2011) Sunday Treat by Robert Hayes   Using your mind’s eye, imagine a painting that my husband and I bought several years ago in the Smokey Mountains. An old-fashioned, wooden, crank-type ice cream maker rests in the foreground surrounded by heaps of fresh red strawberries […]

Dreams of healing

Rev. Kari Lindholm-Johnson Swedish Covenant Hospital, Chicago, Illinois, United States (Winter 2011) As a chaplain at Swedish Covenant Hospital, I am continually humbled in experiencing the force of people’s desire for healing. Patients willingly subject themselves to rigorous treatments in the pursuit of life, entrusting themselves to healthcare workers. This strong yearning for healing was […]

The Veteran’s Hospital

Helen Montague Foster, MD Richmond, Virginia, United States (Winter 2011) Poet’s statement: Before I went to medical school, I followed doctor’s orders to hold my toddler son down and force on him more eye-drops than he needed to dilate his pupils. He panicked, and the atropine drops made him hallucinate. The incident I describe in […]

Breast Cancer Suite

Terri Kirby Erickson Lewisville, North Carolina, United States (Winter 2011) Poet’s statement: Since I became a published poet, it has been my privilege to spend a few hours volunteering at one of our local cancer centers, working with a very compassionate chaplain—one who understands the healing power of words. She invited me first, to speak […]

Artful science

Julie Schnidman & Annie Yeh Hektoen International, Chicago, Illinois, United States (Winter 2011) Science and art play integral roles in shaping the content of Hektoen International. Therefore, we wanted to highlight the work of three artist/scientists from the Chicago area and explore the influences behind their eclectic career paths. We met Hunter Cole, Peter Gray, […]