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Simple gestures: a nursing student’s journey through the ICU

Elizabeth Cambier, RN Loyola University Medical Center, Chicago (Winter 2010) For those of us who have chosen to pursue careers in the healthcare field, the lessons we learn in life are what make us true professionals. Like the finishing touches that transform a sketch into a work of art, our lives allow us to read […]

Night upon the Moaning Ward

James Rickert Poet’s statement: This poem was written during the final days of my stem cell transplant for non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and just after a fellow patient on the ward had died of complications similar to those from which I was suffering. It and other poems written during that time helped me face the physical suffering […]

Dawn of Mourning

Paul Rousseau Poet’s statement: I am a hospice and palliative medicine physician and see suffering on a daily basis, suffering which is often callous and brutal. In addition, I experienced suffering first hand with the death of my wife 3 years ago from the ugly ravages of scleroderma. I have used writing, particularly essays and […]

Scarred Topography

Anne Herbert Poet’s statement: Writing is my therapy.  It allows me to express difficult feelings that I had growing up but could never put into words until now.  Many of these feelings are centered around the scars left from my cleft lip and palate.  Writing has helped me to stop ignoring these, and other scars, […]

Birth – Groundswell – Greensleeves – Proud Flesh

Stacy Nigliazzo Poet’s statement: Writing has always been a great source of comfort and healing for me. I find that as a nurse, my patients stay with me long after I have provided care. In an emergency setting, healthcare professionals are privy to the full spectrum of suffering and recovery. The pieces I have offered here […]

Sedated – Dear Doctor

Theresa Wyatt Poet’s statement: After a diagnosis of Neurofibromatosis, Type 2, Theresa returned to writing poetry as a therapeutic venue.  Her poems have appeared in The Healing Muse, Kaleidoscope, the American Journal of Hospice & Palliative Medicine, and the Yale Journal for Humanities in Medicine, among others. She lives near the beautiful shores of Lake […]

Cutter of Lilacs

Bruce Erikson Xavier University, Cincinnati, Ohio, United States (Winter 2010) Artist’s statement My narratives emanate from personal memories and dreams that are often overlooked. My work attempts to evolve past my personal life, and address psychological issues of aging, death and dying, loss and longing, and family relationships. In my paintings, I often portray hopeless […]