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Progressions, 2009

Zachary T. Hollis (Spring 2009) Artist statement Progressions is a work inspired by M.C. Escher, admired by many as a visual mathematician. The use of negative space and positive space, their play on each other, and how we perceive what we see has always been of great interest to Zachary Hollis. In regards to the […]

River, 2005 – Installation by Gerda Meyer Bernstein

Gerda Meyer Bernstein (Spring 2009) Artist Statement RiverĀ is a 32 ft. x 20 in. x 20 in. installation. It is made up of a wooden box with 10,000 vials filled with a red substance simulating blood. The vials overflow at one end, spilling all over the floor like the uncontrollability of the AIDS epidemic. River […]