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Looking back and forward: a personal view on public care

Matthew Reidy Shrewsbury, MA (Spring 2016)   September 10, 1927 Mrs. Mary Reidy 99 Downing Street, Worcester, Mass. Dear Mrs. Reidy: Your little girl Katherine was examined in our out-patient clinic on Thursday, and she presents a complicated problem.  She is nearly 12 years of age and psychological tests show that she has a mental […]

Calibrating the messiah complex: a success and a failure

Daniel Luftig United States (Spring 2015)   It had been Fat’s delusion for years that he could help people. His psychiatrist once told him that to get well he would have to do two things; get off dope (which he hadn’t done) and stop trying to help people (he still tried to help people). — VALIS1   […]