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Birthday party

Laura Anne White Rochester, MN (Fall 2017)   Chemotherapy drug I scan the chemotherapy data into the computer system, noting the date of birth listed at the top right of the screen. Happy birthday, I say, hanging the bag of liquid on the IV pole. Thanks, he replies, and we share a contemptuous laugh. It […]

Portrait of nursing

Lynda Slimmer University of Illinois, Chicago, Illinois, United States (Winter 2011) Sunday Treat by Robert Hayes   Using your mind’s eye, imagine a painting that my husband and I bought several years ago in the Smokey Mountains. An old-fashioned, wooden, crank-type ice cream maker rests in the foreground surrounded by heaps of fresh red strawberries […]

Desert blooms

Geraldine Gorman University of Illinois, Chicago, United States (Spring 2011) Springtime has come to the desert. It is subtle, but spring, nonetheless. I am here with a group of nursing students who are spending their break working with a humanitarian aid organization serving the undocumented border crossers. Some of us are in Nogales, which spans […]

Letters to Dad

Erin Brady University of Illinois, Chicago, United States (Spring 2011) My father died in an electrical accident. He had always been a skilled handyman, and he was beginning a major renovation on our new house. One Saturday afternoon, he was in the attic trying to get the sconces and the ceiling fan in the family […]

Simple gestures: a nursing student’s journey through the ICU

Elizabeth Cambier, RN Loyola University Medical Center, Chicago (Winter 2010) For those of us who have chosen to pursue careers in the healthcare field, the lessons we learn in life are what make us true professionals. Like the finishing touches that transform a sketch into a work of art, our lives allow us to read […]

A coffee many years later

Drita Puharić, MSN Makarska, Croatia (Spring 2016)   I’m sitting in a small cafe bar waiting for my friend Marija whom I haven’t seen since high school. She left with her husband for Canada after the war. How long had it been since we’d seen each other? It seems like an eternity… I can’t wait […]

Oppression in nursing practice

Denise Pasieka University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (Fall 2015) Oppression is the dehumanization of another and is often viewed as a negative result of power. It occurs when there are efforts to reduce, confine, and discipline people into subordination.1Oppressive behaviours are noted in nursing practice today but are often not questioned; instead, they are […]

The boy with the fedora

Christopher J. Schayer New Haven, Connecticut (Fall 2016) Radio City Music Hall in New York City. Photo submitted. One of the many wonderful things about going to school in New Haven, Connecticut is its proximity to New York City.  From the Metro North ride into the opulent Grand Central Station, to window shopping on 5th […]