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Haunting poetic characteristics: the dissection scene from Dr. Zhivago

Timo Hannu Helsinki, Finland (Spring 2018)   Dissecting room from Edinburgh in 1889. Source: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images. Doctor Zhivago, a novel by the Russian poet Boris Pasternak, tells the story of physician-poet Yura Zhivago during the turmoil of the first decades of the twentieth century in Russia. The character of Dr. Zhivago is […]

Jane Austen and the hypochondriacs

George Dunea Chicago, Illinois, United States (Fall 2011)   Jane Austen Courtesy of the University of Texas Libraries, University of Texas at Austin Jane Austen began working on Sanditon in January of 1817, completing only 2,600 words before she died six months later—probably from adrenal failure (Addison’s disease) caused by tuberculosis. The fragment was published […]