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Japanese-American internment camps in World War Two

Gregory W. Rutecki Cleveland, Ohio (Fall 2017)   Bill Mauldin’s cartoons regarding the NISEI 15   “What constitutes an American? Not color…race…An American…(is) one in whose heart is engraved the immortal second sentence of the Declaration of Independence.”1  “Any person who considers himself…a member of Western Society inherits the Western past from Athens and Jerusalem to […]

Muslim women healers of the medieval and early modern Ottoman Empire

Nada Darwish and Alan S. Weber Doha, Qatar (Fall 2016)   Although known only through court documents, legal proceedings, and references in the writings of male practitioners, the tabiba – a female practitioner of folk medicine, midwifery, and gynecology – was an important member of the medical community in the Ottoman Empire (1299-1923).  The existing historical record unfortunately […]