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Michael Ellman  Chicago, IL (Fall 2017)   South Pacific, 1950. Joseph Cable (William Tabbert) watches as Bloody Mary (Juanita Hall, top) and Liat (Betta St. John) perform the song “Happy Talk”  “Joseph Cable, at your service! U.S. Marines, World War Two, retired—at ease, Doctor. Let’s be casual, shall we?” My patient is tall and ramrod […]

Ghabeleh Hamleh

Suzi Ehtesham-Zadeh Woodstock, Georgia (Fall 2017)   The refugee camp at night The pounding in Amana’s temples will not let up and is  beginning to scare her. She has had headaches before, but this is different—it feels like something foreign has invaded her body and is occupying every square inch of it, from the tips […]

Gregor goes to the doctor

Larry Zaroff, MD, PhD Stanford University, Palo Alto, California, United States   Photography by Anthony Kai C My clinic is far North in Acres, Montana, perversely, a small town near the Canadian border, where, in October, without permission the dark sneaks in early. My work here, after twenty-six years as a cardiac surgeon in Los […]