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The boy with the fedora

Christopher J. Schayer New Haven, Connecticut (Fall 2016) Radio City Music Hall in New York City. Photo submitted. One of the many wonderful things about going to school in New Haven, Connecticut is its proximity to New York City.  From the Metro North ride into the opulent Grand Central Station, to window shopping on 5th […]

Muslim women healers of the medieval and early modern Ottoman Empire

Nada Darwish and Alan S. Weber Doha, Qatar (Fall 2016)   Although known only through court documents, legal proceedings, and references in the writings of male practitioners, the tabiba – a female practitioner of folk medicine, midwifery, and gynecology – was an important member of the medical community in the Ottoman Empire (1299-1923).  The existing historical record unfortunately […]

Clinical teaching

The early part of the student’s clinical career is always the most important. Every doctor knows that the initiation into clinical work is one of the most difficult intellectual and personal trials of the student’s career. The best help that the clinical teacher can give to his students during the early part of their career […]

The thickening of blood

Nod Ghosh Christchurch, New Zealand (Fall 2016)   It begins when you are a child, in the pre-antibiotic dawn of an Indian summer, one of six siblings, five of whom will eventually die of broken heart valves or diabetes. But let us say for now, you are a child, a child who loves to dance, […]

Anatomical heart illustration #1 and #2

Paul Rooprai Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (Fall 2016)    Anatomical Heart Illustration #1  Anatomical Heart Illustration #2 Artist Statement Anatomical Heart Illustration #1 and #2 are digital renderings created in Adobe Photoshop CS6.  The artworks are personally meaningful to me and were inspired by a woman I met in a volunteer placement while in the Health […]

A poem about plagiarism

Sergei Jargin Peoples’ Friendship University, Moscow, Russia (Fall 2016) (after Edgar Allan Poe) Not Pushkin am I, neither Poe, So great is not my fame. I am a humble Russian poet, S. Jargin is my name.   To plagiarize is worse than steal We love the Copyright, And by quotations we reveal The source from […]


Charles H. Halsted Davis, CA (Fall 2016)   Dr. Charles Halsted (right) and his patient who is the subject of the poem (left). Photo courtesy of Charles Halsted. Redemption I’m high on crack and going eighty, black rainy night, oncoming lights, back seat guy shouts out: “Look out!” too late. I cannot breathe, my chest’s […]

My son getting an MRI

Bonnie Salomon Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital, Illinois, United States (Fall 2016)   I sit in the hallway with old magazines from last winter, listening to the buzz and chirp of the enormous magnet attracting and spinning his hydrogen protons that were once part of me, ageless interstellar dust, the remains of stars and galaxies that […]

How to live like this

Tom Janisse Portland, OR (Fall 2016)   Tom’s father’s painting of the Nova Scotia shore near his mother’s birthplace. Courtesy of Tom Janisse How to live like this “This is no way to live, Tom,” my father, Emile, said. I didn’t hear him say he was choosing to die, ready now, wanting to go, because […]

Christmas with Dupuytren and Lisfranc

Anne Jacobson Oak Park, Illinois (Fall 2016)   It is Christmas afternoon and I am nestled under a decades-old afghan on my parents’ couch, watching snow drift and swirl across oak-studded fields beneath a pewter sky.  My left foot is wrapped and strapped in a comically oversized boot, and the companion crutches at my side […]